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Lumber Jack Paper Cutter/Dispenser

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When you are constantly at the grill, it can be tedious having to roll out butcher paper by hand. It becomes twice as hard if the wind picks up! This often leads to imprecise results. If you want to cut stable, smooth, perfectly even lines on your butcher paper, no matter what size you need to cut, you can trust the Lumber Jack Paper Cutter Dispenser.

The Lumber Jack Paper Cutter & Dispenser is made to cut away smooth lines of paper with every push, leaving you with a clean cut that’s easy to use. It cuts across a space as large as 18 inches at a time, taking care of both sizes of butcher paper. It cuts easily thanks to its ultra-sharp, double-sided, spring-loaded blade that makes cutting as simple as pressing down.

This cutter is a heavy duty metal paper cutter that is manufactured out of high-quality, hardwearing steel that has been powder coated to preserve its strength and integrity. On the bottom of the paper cutter, there are rubber feet that help keep it stable on whatever surface you place it on while also protecting the strong paper cutter knife arms and dowel holders that are able to open and lock into position for you to slip the old rolls out and the new rolls in with ease instead of fumbling to keep it open.

Can also be used for:

  • Wrapping paper Holder; Makes an ideal place to store and dispense your gift wrap
  • Craft Paper Cutter; Great for cutting craft paper or as a gift wrap cutter