18V Rechargable Ash Vacuum

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Rechargeable, Portable and Useful.

Take your new 18v Rechargeable Ash Vacuum on the road with you to your next BBQ cook off or use it in your house or own backyard. There are no limits to where you can use this sucker.

This sucker comes loaded with accessories

  1. HEPA Filter
  2. Fire Retardent Filter
  3. Long Life 18V Battery
  4. Charger
  5. Coupler
  6. Short Beveled Nozzle
  7. Long Beveled Nozzle
  8. Accessories Bag
  9. Coupler
  10. Brush
  11. Metal Lined Suction Hose
  12. Vacuum Tube for hard to reach places (Pellet Auger)

Not Just For Fireplaces Anymore.

Now with the long life 18v rechargeable battery you can take this sucker anywhere and use it on all your Wood and Charcoal Burning Cooking appliances and still bring it into the house and clean you fireplace without having to drag a cord around.